Shopkeeper told to get rid of bike

Owner Daz Sellars can no longer display his advertisement bike
Owner Daz Sellars can no longer display his advertisement bike

A trader in Kettering has branded the county council ‘laughable’ after he was told to remove his three-wheeled advertisement from outside his shop.

Daz Sellars would position the boarded bicycle outside Sellars Allsorts, in Lower Street, to attract passing trade.

But he has been billed almost £100 after refusing to comply with orders from Northamptonshire County Council to remove it.

Mr Sellars said: “Kettering is a town that is dying and we struggle as a small business and with footfall at the shop.

“I’ve had no complaints from customers about it, and it helps to draw them into the shop.

“If you look at the street, it’s filled with flower pots, bins and really poor pavement surface.

“It’s laughable.”

A spokesman for the county council said advertisements are allowed – if within one metre from the store.

He said: “Shops are allowed to have a small number of items on display to advertise their wares but this has to be controlled so that access for pedestrians is not compromised.

“In the case of Sellars Allsorts we received some complaints about the number of items on display and how they caused an obstruction.

“An enforcement notice was served but the shop did not contact the county council or even contest the notice.”