Shivering students ask for a shelter

John McGhee
John McGhee

Shivering students have lobbied a councillor in a campaign for a shelter at the bus stop near their school.

The pupils at Corby Business Academy met county and borough councillor John McGhee to put their case across.

Now, he has pledged to take up the matter on behalf of the campaigners.

Cllr McGhee attended a meeting of the school’s senate to discuss the issue and sixth form representatives Morium Akter and Andile Chiwuta passed on pupils’ views.

Andile said: “Speaking on behalf of most of the other sixth formers, during the summer it’s fine at the bus stop but because the weather is getting cold and changing, there’s going to be more rain and eventually snow.

“We have been wondering if a bus shelter could be placed at the bus stop for students to wait under.”

Cllr McGhee invited the students to meet county council officers with him to put forward the case for the bus shelter. The senate also voted to pledge its £1,500 budget for the year towards the cost of the shelter.

Cllr McGhee said: “It’s fantastic that Corby Business Academy has a cross school group which can discuss what the students think the school needs.

“At the meeting Andile and Morium were very forthcoming in what they wanted, having heard from the rest of the sixth form.

“It’s a great idea, as we don’t want students standing out in the rain after a long day at school.”

Cllr McGhee said it wouldn’t be a short process to get a bus shelter in place but he said it may be possible within six months to a year.