Sheep in Raunds wounded after dog attack

Tamsin the sheep was attacked by a dog in Raunds
Tamsin the sheep was attacked by a dog in Raunds

The owner of a sheep which was viciously attacked by a dog is urging people to take more responsibility for their animals when near livestock.

June Longhurst was out in a field near Meadow Lane, Raunds, on Sunday morning when a Staffie-type dog set upon one of her show sheep, Tamsin.

She rushed to the animal’s aid and managed to free her before locking the dog in a car for safety.

Tamsin’s wounds had to be stapled by a vet and left her very swollen, but while June has decided not to press charges against the dog’s owner, she is urging people to take responsibility for their pets.

June said: “I didn’t have him prosecuted, I just wanted him to be aware of what he’d done. Someone has to help these people be educated.

“They are not bad people and they are terribly shocked when it happens, but it’s avoidable when they are educated.

“It could be a child or a smaller dog next time.”

June, who has other animals including horses, said: “Tamsin had a really bad bite around her eye, it was quite substantial.

“Underneath her throat was more of a puncture wound.

“I think she had about a dozen staples, that was the best way not to traumatise her any further.”

June added: “It’s a horrible thing to happen to anybody.

“But at the end of the day the dog is the innocent one, the person on the end of the lead is the one meant to have the higher intellect.”

The attack follows a number of similar incidents in the county recently.

A police spokesman said: “We are trying to encourage dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead and not let them run free, especially when they are around livestock.”

It is an offence for a dog to worry livestock and both the owner of the dog and the person in charge of the dog (if not the owner) can be prosecuted.

Spate of incidents

A warning was recently issued by police after several reports of sheep being killed or chased by loose dogs in the county. A sheep was found dead in a Dodford field on September 14 after a suspected dog attack. One animal died after two sheep were attacked by a dog in Kislingbury on September 30. And a shepherd reported that a dog walker had let their pet loose in a field of sheep in Nether Heyford.