Seventy-five-home estate for Desborough approved

Cllr Steve Bellamy spoke at the meeting at which a 75-home estate was approved
Cllr Steve Bellamy spoke at the meeting at which a 75-home estate was approved

A new 75-home estate on the edge of Desborough has been approved, despite concerns over traffic congestion in the town.

The plans, submitted by a Mr Veevers, are for land off Harrington Road.

A number of councillors, speaking at the Kettering Council meeting on Tuesday, were concerned the application coincided with plans to double the size of nearby Loatlands Primary School and that the two schemes could cause traffic congestion in Harrington Road.

Cllr Dave Soans said: “I have the gravest concerns about this – especially near the junction with Whitehill Road.

“Harrington Road is already about the most congested part of Desborough.”

Councillors were told that Loatlands Primary School was in the process of creating a travel plan to go alongside its extension – which would encourage parents to walk children to school and leave cars at home.

Cllr Steve Bellamy said while the travel plan was a good idea in principle, he was wary of whether parents would pick it up.

He added: “I am always nervous when asking the public to make lifestyle changes.”

A Desborough resident, speaking at the meeting before the application was considered, said he was surprised that the application for 75 homes was being recommended for approval, as a planning application submitted last year to build just one house on the site had been rejected as it had been considered to be encroaching on the countryside.

Cllr Linda Adams echoed his comments.

She said: “I think residents in Desborough would probably not understand why one house outside the settlement boundary would be different to 75.”

Kettering Council development manager Peter Chaplin said he understood the confusion, but added: “Building just one home at a time would be a very incremental way of developing a site.

“It makes it difficult in future to join up the infrastructure and roads, for example.

“If we get a larger application, it means we can deal with it on a more strategic basis and look at things like access and roads.”

At the same meeting, councillors rejected similar plans submitted by Glanmoor Investment Ltd for a 67-home estate on land off Glebe Avenue in Broughton.

Outline plans to build four detached homes on land at 135 Rothwell Road, Desborough, were approved, as were plans to demolish an office building in Sterling Court, Loddington, and build four homes.