Senior KGH midwife struck off for series of serious failings

GV of Kettering General Hospital (KGH) NNL-140703-114637001
GV of Kettering General Hospital (KGH) NNL-140703-114637001

A senior midwife who put the health of mothers and babies at KGH at risk through a series of failings has been banned from the profession.

Simon King was a delivery suite co-ordinator at the hospital and first began working there in 1992.

But a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) panel has removed him from the register after he started becoming ‘slack’ in his documentation and making serious errors, which had the potential to be life-threatening.

King faced 46 charges relating to seven patients under his care.

He failed to review Patient A after handover and failed to correctly interpret her CTG scan.

When Patient B was under his care, he failed to carry out or record a review of the CTG scan and made no entries in her notes for periods of up to an hour.

When he took over the care of Patient C, he didn’t conduct maternal observations, did not request an obstetric review and made no record of her post-natal condition.

He also discharged her early when it was not clinically justified.

King also failed to record a positional change in Patient D’s notes and failed to record fetal heart rates every five minutes and post-natal care for Patient E.

When Patient F was under his care he also failed to record fetal heart rates, didn’t record maternal observations and discharged her when not justified.

King also incorrectly classified Patient G’s CTG as ‘normal’ twice and failed to make adequate post-natal records.

The panel heard that King was on a performance management plan in 2014 and should have been aware of the gaps in his practice.

It also heard that King showed a lack of remorse and insight and showed no remediation.

Deciding to remove King from the register, the panel said: “The panel considered that the failings by Mr King were persistent, serious and placed vulnerable mothers and babies at risk of serious harm.

“The failings took place over a period of time and the most serious failing occurred after Mr King had been on an internal performance management plan.

“There are attitudinal concerns, there is evidence from Mr King that he lacks insight, remorse or remediation and the panel has already found that there is a high risk of repetition.

“The panel finds that Mr King’s actions were significant departures from the standards expected of a registered midwife, and are fundamentally incompatible with him remaining on the register.

“The panel considers that a striking-off order in the circumstances is the only sanction which is sufficient to protect the public, satisfy the wider public interest and preserve confidence in the midwifery profession and the NMC as regulator.”

In total 33 charges against King were found proved, with 13 found not proved.

All of the incidents took place in June and July in 2015.

King was dismissed from his role at the hospital in November 2015.

KGH’s director of human resources, organisational development and strategy, Mark Smith, said: “We can confirm that we reported Simon King to the NMC in December 2015 due to concerns about the care he provided to patients in 2015.

“He had been dismissed from the trust on November 5, 2015.”

An interim suspension order of 18 months was put in place to cover any term of appeal.