Selfish parents cause problems outside Rushden school

Traffic and parking issues outside South End junior and infants schools in Rushden
Traffic and parking issues outside South End junior and infants schools in Rushden

Residents who live in Rushden have complained about parking near an infants school.

Loyd Wix was one of those who rang to tell the Telegraph about the problems at South End Infants School in Wymington Road at the start and end of the school day.

Mr Wix said: “My daughter has Type 1 diabetes so I have to make fairly regular trips to Parklands surgery and pharmacy.

“About two weeks ago I went on my way to work and was absolutely staggered to find there was nowhere to park.

“The car park was full to capacity but when I went into the surgery there was hardly anyone in there.

“I asked the lady on reception and she said parents used the car park to drop and pick up their children.

“It really did stagger me that parents think their need to drop their son or daughter off at school is so great they have no compunction about taking up space in the doctor’s surgery car park which is there for people who have health problems.

“It is an unbelievably selfish attitude for parents to take.”

Mr and Mrs Steward live in Hall Avenue, near the school, and have witnessed the traffic disruption the extra traffic causes.

Mrs Steward said: “We can’t even get in or out of our drive some days. People do leave a gap but it is so small it makes it really difficult for my car to get in and without holding up the other traffic.

“The buses have difficulty getting past the parked vehicles too.”

However, the residents of Abbey Way, which is slightly further away from the school were less inconvenienced by the traffic.

One lady, who did not wish to be named, said: “It is very busy for half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon, but it is no problem.”

The school’s March newsletter also highlights the problem.

It says “parking continues to be an issue for the school”, and adds that staff have been contacted by “members of the public alerting us to the behaviour of drivers along Wymington Road.

The newsletter says: “We are aware that it is congested and any solution is difficult, however, a minority are not showing consideration and have been abusive to residents even when they are trying to access their own driveways.

“We have contacted the police and the highways department. All users of the road need to make an effort to minimise the problems to improve the situation.

“The vast majority of people are considerate and patient, ensuring the safety of their own and others’ children but there is a minoritythat needs to be reminded of the appropriate way to behave.”

Park safe, be safe

The Northamptonshire Telegraph is running a Park Safe Be Safe campaign to highlight the problems of illegal and inconsiderate problems outside schools across the county.

If you know of a particular problem at a school in your area, tell us about it by calling 01536 506153 or email your photographs of bad parking to the newsdesk.