Search for unsung heroes who make a difference in the Rushden area

Former Rushden mayor Richard Lewis with last year's winners at Rushden Hall
Former Rushden mayor Richard Lewis with last year's winners at Rushden Hall

Nominations are needed for an annual search to honour those who make a difference in their community.

Rushden Town Council wants to hear from anyone who would like to put an individual forward for the Rushden Mayor’s Award 2015-16.

The council is looking for people who deserve recognition for their work and commitment within the Rushden community over a number of years.

Group nominations are not eligible, although individuals can be put forward for their contribution to the work of a local group or organisation.

Rushden mayor Cllr Kaye Rawlins will make a presentation to the winners later this year.

Last year’s recipients of the award were Carolyn Davis, Sylvia Smith, Rodney Waterfield and Clive Wood.

Carolyn Davis was put forward as a group Scout leader of the 4th Rushden (Whitefriars) Scout Group.

She joined at a time when many of the members and leaders were leaving, and she and her family were credited with keeping the group going.

Sylvia Smith was recognised for being a prominent figure in the town for many years.

She held the position of managing director of Serve and had continued to involve herself in working with the elderly following her retirement.

Rodney Waterfield was honoured for being a member of The Swivel Club in Higham Ferrers for many years.

The charity has raised more than £50,000 for local causes in recent years.

Clive Wood was the final winner of the evening, being recognised for being a member of the Amenities Group and Rushden Museum.

He has been a town and district councillor for many years and is well known in the town for his artwork.

Nominations for this year’s awards need to include the name and address of the nominee with details of the reason for their nomination and sent to the town clerk at Rushden Town Council, Rushden Hall, Hall Park, Rushden, NN10 9NG.

The closing date for nominations is Friday, March 4.