Scouts stepping all the way to Kenya

Aaron and Martin Scudder from 1st Higham Ferrers Scout Group
Aaron and Martin Scudder from 1st Higham Ferrers Scout Group

A group of county scouts are walking in teams of ten to Kenya, to the grave of Lord Baden-Powell, without leaving Northamptonshire.

Through a £10,000 grant from the Big Lottery, the scouts have linked-up with local health and wellness Company Activ8rlives.

Each scout wears a BuddyBand2 activity tracker throughout the day and uploads their step count to their team’s website using an App on their phone. Progress of the team of ten is plotted on the route, to Nyeri in Kenya, automatically.

In a world’s first for the Scouting movement, teams can see where the other teams have got to on Google Earth, adding a bit of competitive spirit.

The 8,000 mile journey will take approximately 6 months to complete with everyone on the team encouraged to contribute only what they can manage.

Each scout will be rewarded with a specially commissioned badge at the midway point and on completion.

Martin Scudder, leader of 1st Higham Ferrers Scouts said: “The World-Walk Adventure has been an excellent way to bring the scouts together.

“It’s rare to see this much enthusiasm from everyone for a single activity but every member of our group wants to take part, including leaders and parents.

“There is a friendly rivalry between teams and it’s the first thing the young people talk about each week at Scouts.

“I know for a fact they all talk about it at school as well.

“It becomes quite addictive to monitor your activity levels and make sure you hit your target each day and then translate that into the progress of the group on the walk to Nyeri.

“Our group has already walked over 700 miles collectively and the whole group has a real pride in what they are achieving. It’s making being active fun.”

The Scouts and Explorers are enjoying taking part in the World-Walk Adventure and love the technology as well, as Aaron Scudder from the 1st Higham Ferrers Scouts added: “I’m really enjoying taking part and wearing the BuddyBand2 and I was surprised how many steps each day I already do.

“The app is great and I like to show my friends how far we’ve gone on the map.”