Schoolchildren show Olympic dance moves

CHILDREN and staff at a primary school performed a special Olympic dance to show support for a brave fellow pupil who is fighting cancer.

Niamh Curry’s sister Hannah, seven, was among the 200 youngsters who performed the dance at Little Harrowden Primary School.

Members of staff also took part in the dance yesterday afternoon.

It was organised as part of a school project on the Olympics.

Staff said the Olympic values of strength, determination and friendship are particularly poignant at present in light of Niamh’s battle with neuroblastoma.

Acting deputy headteacher Carly Dalchow said: “We did the Olympic Mascot Dance for our school Olympic theme project.

“The children have worked together with the staff to practice the dance.

“They have learned to work together through the dance. They learned the Olympic values of strength, determination and friendship, and we really feel that those Olympic values are something that Niamh is having to show now in her fight against cancer.

“We are all urging people from the local community to come together to help send her to America. Her sister Hannah is a great member of our school community. Dancing and singing are things which she really enjoys doing.”

Hannah said: “I really enjoyed taking part in the dance with all my school friends. I love dancing and I am looking forward to the Olympics.”

Her dad Chris Curry said: “It has been brilliant for Hannah to take part in the dance.”

Hannah’s fellow pupils also enjoyed the experience.

Lucie Sando, eight, said: “We were all really excited about it. It took the teachers about three weeks to learn the routine, but it only took the pupils about three days.”

Kyrian Economou, eight, said: “We worked on our steps a lot before we did the dance.”

A video of the dance can be viewed at