School’s joy at ‘good’ result in Ofsted report

Head Teacher Noel Springett-McHugh. with some of his pupils and staff.
Head Teacher Noel Springett-McHugh. with some of his pupils and staff.

Staff and pupils at a Rushden school are celebrating after achieving “good” in every category of their Ofsted report.

The headteacher of South End Junior School, on Wymington Road, said he was delighted to hear the news after a “long journey” from the previous report that only graded the school as satisfactory.

Noel Springett-McHugh said: “This has been quite a journey and we really need to get it out there that the school is back.

“I’m so proud of every child, member of staff and every parent that has put in a lot of hard work. After changes and a lot of hard work we knew that the school was good, and the Ofsted report has only confirmed what we knew.”

The headteacher had only just joined the school when the previous Ofsted report was released and he said that the satisfactory score had knocked some parents’ confidence in the school.

However, he said that the staff have worked to ensure quality in every area and the results reflect that.

One particular area that Mr Springett-McHugh was pleased with was the comments made about the pride that pupils take in the uniform that they designed themselves. The report said: “The pupils are proud of their school. They welcome the chances they are given to take responsibility and to be involved in making decisions.

“They are particularly pleased with their choice of colours of their school uniform, which they claim is one of a kind!”

Also, standards in maths at the school are now “considerably above average”, with 14 per cent of the pupils reaching the highest grade, level six, in maths exams compared to three per cent nationally.

After achieving the mark the headteacher said he is determined that the school builds on the success and continues to improve.

The report highlighted the school needs to work on the pupils’ handwriting, and that is something the head has vowed to concentrate on.