School road safety operation

PCSO Mel Thomas at Park Junior School, Wellingborough
PCSO Mel Thomas at Park Junior School, Wellingborough

A police-led road safety operation was held this week at Park Junior School.

Parents were warned about parking irresponsibly and illegally near to the school.

PCSO Mel Thomas led the operation following complaints from children at the school about parking issues.

Throughout the week she spoke to 10 parents about parking illegally and on the zigzags. One parent was also spoken to about stopping on the corner to let their child out, and PCSO Thomas spoke to five parents after they were caught parking on drop kerbs which prevented children from crossing road safely.

A further six warning letters have also been sent out to parents who were not spoken to by the officer.

PCSO Mel Thomas said: “They have a weekly school council meeting at Park Junior and the issue of parking at the beginning and end of school has been brought up. This has come of the children’s own back and it’s a safety issues for them.

“There have been a few near misses and the children are finding it difficult to cross the road so we are working with the junior road safety officers and the school council. The children handed out fake tickets to parents who have been parking illegally to try to get that message to them.

“It has been an educational operation this week, but after this real parking tickets will be handed out.

“All in all was very good week and I did see that the message was getting across to some parents who parked somewhere else which was safe. I also saw the children telling parents that they couldn’t park or stop on the zigzags.”

Head teacher David Tebbutt said: “We are encouraging people to park safely, further away from the school and have a short walk to the school. We are not the ideal location for parking because of the amount of traffic, but we ask parents, carers and family members to drop their children off safely, preferably a safe distance away from the school.

“We are working very closely with our PCSO, who has run a road safety week. We are doing a number of activities in classes to promote road safety, especially at this time of the year when it’s dark virtually by the time the children are walking home and we are encouraging them to wear high-visibility clothing and extra awareness when crossing the road at this time of the year.”