School patrols set to increase

POLICE are to step up patrols at school gates to deal with parking problems that are putting the safety of children at risk.

Kettering Rural Safer Community Team will be monitoring parking outside schools in the borough following complaints from parents, teachers and residents, the police’s.

Officers and police community support officers started their safety campaign yesterday, and will increase patrols up until the summer holidays.

The scheme aims to tackle the issue of inconsiderate and illegal parking, which the force claims is putting the safety of pupils, parents, and staff at risk.

PCSO Donner Fenner said: “Our over-riding concern is for the safety of the children and so we urge parents and people who use their cars to get to and from school to park safely, considerately and legally.

“The safety campaign is aimed at highlighting and preventing dangerous parking around schools in response to an increasing number of concerns about irresponsible parking, particularly around the start and end of the school day.”

The police have said they will not be targeting specific schools in the initiative, but will liaise with parents to explain the problems dangerous parking can bring.

Action will be taken against motorists who choose to ignore road safety and regulations.

Councillors have been invited to assist officers in encouraging parents to park safely and offer words of advice.

Cllr Michael Brown, who represents the All Saints ward in the town, backed the plan.

He said: “I’ve heard about a lot of problems at Park Infant School, with people sometimes even parking on zebra crossings.

“The safety of children is paramount and everyone needs to work together to stop the issue.”