School is rated good by Ofsted

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A SCHOOL is celebrating its hard work paying off by being rated as “good” at its latest inspection.

Earls Barton Infant School in Broad Street was visited by inspectors on March 13 and March 14 this year.

Lead inspector Steven Hill said in the Ofsted report, which was released on Tuesday, the children behave well, have above average attendance and are making good progress.

He stated: “Good leadership and management have ensured that above-average standards have been maintained since that last inspection.

“Most teaching is good and some is outstanding. Lessons are managed well and an enjoyable curriculum ensures that pupils are interested and work hard. The teaching in a few lessons is satisfactory, usually when activities do not provide enough challenge for the more-able. Good use is often made of discussion, for pupils to clarify their ideas, but some opportunities are missed.”

Pauline Shacklady, headteacher at the school, said: “Despite the ‘bar’ being raised twice since our last inspection, the continued commitment, dedication and hard work of staff here has ensured that we have maintained our status as a good school.

“With the new Ofsted framework coming in in January the criteria for getting “good” has changed and it is now more difficult for schools to achieve that.

“Obviously we are delighted we have continued to improve enough we are considered to be good within the criteria.”

The report stated the school should provide more outstanding lessons and eliminate those that are only satisfactory by ensuring that more-able pupils are always challenged and engaged by the tasks they are given and taking more opportunities for pupils to discuss their ideas together to improve further.

Mrs Shacklady added: “We are focusing on all of the children making good progress across each group, and it is relevant wherever they sit on the national curriculum, so they are all improving to reach their potential.

“We have consultants at the moment who are helping us to develop our own skills in the classroom by using a coaching style.”

She added: “The inspection process was fair with the inspectors fully involving myself in the process.

“We all feel that they were accurate in their findings. There were no surprises – all of the key points highlighted for further improvement had already been identified and actioned by the school leadership team prior to the inspection.”