SAVE OUR BUSES: Village pupils unable to get to Corby school due to bus cuts

Corby Business Academy NNL-140814-084522001
Corby Business Academy NNL-140814-084522001

Children attending Corby Business Academy from surrounding villages may not have a bus to take them to lessons after July 21.

Northamptonshire County Council, in the midst of its worst financial crisis in history, has cut subsidies to all the bus services it previously helped fund.

One of these, the number 67 bus that served Gretton, Rockingham, Cottingham and East Carlton finished on May 25.

But many school children attending the Academy on the Priors Hall estate, used this bus to get to school.

Those living in Gretton and Rockingham currently have a temporary service to take them to the school gate.

And those in other villages have access to the County Connect service which they can phone if they need a ride - but this finishes on July 21.

After that, no solution for transport has yet been offered by the county council despite the fact that the authority has a stautory obligation to provide transport for children living more than three miles away to their nearest school. Gretton is 3.5 miles from the business academy.

Prospective Parliamentry Candidate for Corby Beth Miller is running a campaign to save bus services in Northamptonshire and her petition has already attracted support from more than 1,000 people. She said: “The temporary bus runs only once a day so those children doing their GCSEs have to go in in the morning and hang around all day to get the afternoon bus home.

“There’s so many pupils who are reliant on it.

“The county council has a statutory duty to look after the wellbeing of vulnerable adults and children. If they can’t acess the services they need like the doctors and the supermarket then that obligation is not being met.

“I don’t know if the new commissioners at the county council are in a place where they can reverse this but our seven MPs can have an influence.”

Many parents chose to send their children to CBA because there was a direct bus from Gretton and the Welland Valley villages.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The number 67 bus service finished operating on May 25.

“School pupils from the villages of Gretton and Rockingham, who would have used the 67 service and who attend Corby Business Academy, have been provided with a bus to take them to and from school.

“Villages to the west of Gretton and Rockingham, who would have used the Number 67 service will have access to the County Connect service until this finishes on July 21.

“Going forward, without funding from a third party there isn’t the money available to provide subsidised bus travel in the county.”

The news comes the day after the full list of bus cuts was revealed by the Northants Telegraph.

Let us know if you’re affected by the number 67 bus cuts, and sign the petition here