Salon girls preparing for a giant skydiving challenge

Stylist Sophie Frisby with salon proprietor Lisa Duval
Stylist Sophie Frisby with salon proprietor Lisa Duval

It may be the biggest blow dry they’ve ever experienced when three hairdressers throw themseleves from a plane in the name of charity.

Hairdressers at Hair at No1 salon, Islip are taking to the skies in order to raise money for a Cancer Research UK campaign which is urging hairdressers to put down their scissors and skydive.

Hairdressers Sophie Frisby, 20, Holly Devlin, 19, and Jessica Ray, 17, will take the plunge at Sibson Airfield, Peterborough, on the morning of Sunday, October 7.

Lisa Duval, manager of the salon, previously had breast cancer and has been the inspiration for her employees to take part in the challenge.

Staff at the salon are no strangers to raising money for charity, having previously hosted coffee and cake charity days to raise money for Kettering General Hospital’s cancer care unit in the Centenary Wing.

Hairdresser Sophie, from Oundle, said: “I’m really nervous but I’m also really excited.

“I’ve always wanted to skydive and the fact this is for charity makes me want to do it even more.

“As Lisa’s had breast cancer and people close to us have been affected as well we all agreed to do it straight away although we were wary that it’s such a big challenge. The skydive is for such a good cause so I just wanted to go for it!”

The salon has raised approximately £1,000 already and anyone who would like to donate money can do so by visiting the salon at Hair at No1, 1 Mill Road, Islip.