Sad news as family is told Zac’s cancer has returned again

Zac Knighton-Smith
Zac Knighton-Smith

The family of a little boy who has been fighting cancer for three-and-a-half years have been given the news that his cancer has returned.

The family of eight-year-old Zac Knighton-Smith, of Rushden, were told doctors could find no trace of the disease on his scans in April.

But new scans have shown the cancer is now back in two places – his abdomen and one of his legs.

His mum Sam Knighton said: “We have been told they think it’s unlikely we are going to clear the body of it.

“There are very, very few options left that don’t involve chemotherapy.

“Chemo didn’t work last time he relapsed, we are loathe to go back down that road. There are no options left in this country that don’t involve chemo.”

The family now want Zac to go for photo-dymnamic therapy in Mexico or for treatment in Germany again.

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