Rushden volunteers to spend 24 hours in pen to raise funds for injured cat

Romeo the rescue cat.
Romeo the rescue cat.

A group of rescue volunteers will spend 24 hours in a cat pen to raise funds for an animal’s vital operation.

Kimberley Smith, Sarah Stoneman, Debbie Dudman and Katie Robey, who volunteer at Rushden Persian Rescue, will take on the challenge to help rescue Persian cat Romeo.

Romeo came into the charity’s care aged nine months and was taken to a vet after volunteers noticed he was limping.

Surgery to help Romeo will cost £1,500, so the group will spend a day cramped in a pen to raise as much of that as they can.

Kimberley said: “He’s only a baby and we need to help this boy.

“Regardless of the cost of surgery we feel he needs to learn to play and run and be as naughty as a young Persian should be.

“We have been watching this little man since he arrived so we knew there was something holding him back from playing but never thought it would be this.

“Romeo had his X-rays and he needs the surgery in both legs.”

Ahead of the challenge on August 25 at the centre in Rushden, Kimberley has appealed for anyone who could donate to their cause to do so.

She added: “Romeo is loving his kitten life with us now but this will be a long road to recovery, but we feel it will be so worth it for him in the long run.

“If you cannot afford to donate please share this to your friends.

“Every pound adds up to ensure this little boy has a wonderful healthy life in front of him.”

To donate, visit the donation page or the charity’s website.