Rushden Rotary Club pays for activity for young carers

Young carers' paintball day
Young carers' paintball day

The Rushden Rotary Club has funded a fun day for 20 young carers from the town who really entered into the spirit of things at an event at the nearby Skirmish paintball centre.

The young carers, all under 16 years of age, had a fabulous time in their camouflage overalls getting bogged down in acres of mud in a Reds versus Blues team pursuit.

Part of the games were a team building exercise with the teams communicating well and trying to power across to their opponents’ base.

Peace was then easily maintained, when the paintballs were exhausted, with a ready supply of burgers and hot dogs.

The young carers then had a chance to relax and reflect on their morning of adventures and fun with the sound of “When can we do this again?” ringing in the supervisors’ ears.

On the way home all the young carers were buzzing with the adrenaline and it was a great chance for them to let off steam and get a break from their normal day-to-day routines.

Team leader Joanne Johnson reported back to Rotarians.

She said: “Thank you so much for thinking of young carers and supporting such a big trip.

“We would not have been able to offer something of this calibre without support from Rotarians.

“For many of the young carers it was an opportunity they are unlikely to get outside of Young Carers Social Activities and it was well worth the visit.”