Rushden residents left without phone line for two weeks

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Residents in a Rushden street are in uproar after their phone land lines went down two weeks ago.

A number of houses on Masefield Drive, in the town, have had no connection to a phone line or internet since Thursday, April 11, and one resident has labelled the situation ‘ridiculous’.

Sonia Smith added: “I really don’t know where to turn to now. I have been speaking to BT every day and they can’t seem to give me an answer about what is happening.

“They’ve told me that they can’t give me an exact day, or date, when they can fix things because they have to restore every house one by one.

“I have given up speaking to BT on the phone now and just speak to the engineers on the BT Openreach team when they’ve come out to the street, because they give me more information.

“You couldn’t write a comedy better than this, it’s ridiculous. It’s something I think is going to run and run and run.”

Mrs Smith added that she, and other residents, are angry at the lack of action by BT and want something sorted as quickly as possible.

She said people have had to communicate by mobile phone after being left without land lines and internet. She added that she was concerned about elderly residents, or neighbours who have had their work lives affected, since they have had no land line.

In a statement BT said: “BT received reported faults about loss of service for Masefield Drive and the surrounding area in Rushden, on April 12. A section of cable appears to have been cut in error. We apologise to those people who have had their service affected. We are working with subcontractors on site and are sending our engineers to restore service to customers as soon as possible.”