Rushden osteopaths teams up with clinic in Higham Ferrers

Claire, Jo and Badger the dog
Claire, Jo and Badger the dog

Rushden Osteopathic Clinic is set to join The Ashgrove Pain Clinic in Higham Ferrers.

It is hoped the collaboration will give people greater flexibility and a greater range of services to resolve their health problems.

It will also be giving Rushden and Higham Ferrers one of the largest clinics of its type in the area.

Rushden Osteopathic Clinic has been helping people with pain for more than 30 years, first under Edward Triance, then more recently through osteopath Joanne Jones and her team.

Jo now feels it’s time for them to improve the service they offer with a move to Higham’s much larger practice.

She is really excited about the move and said: “We’ve always had a nice relationship with Ashgrove - we’ve even shared patients over the years.

“The move means we can share expertise and get the absolute best for the people of Rushden and Higham.

“It’s great to join forces.”

It is hoped that Rushden Osteopathic Clinic’s patients will find greater flexibility with the move.

They’ll have the services of Ashgrove’s reception team to call on, they’ll be able to book appointments online and they’ll have a wider range of therapies available – not just osteopathy, but sports therapy, acupuncture, rehab sessions, physiotherapy, gait analysis, podiatry and hypnotherapy.

Jo added: “Our patients will love it at Ashgrove.

“The reception team are so welcoming, and some of the country’s most well-known osteopaths work here.

“There’s even good coffee for relatives waiting for patients, and Badger the dog – the resident black Labrador.”

Across the UK, roughly 25 per cent of the population suffers from back pain.

That means that more than 175,000 people in Northamptonshire are probably affected.

Patient feedback to the service provided by The Ashgrove Clinic was overwhelmingly positive, but the service was brought to an end after three years due to NHS funding problems.