Rushden man to pedalo across Atlantic Ocean

Hector Turner (middle) will try to cross the Atlantic in a pedalo.
Hector Turner (middle) will try to cross the Atlantic in a pedalo.

A man will try to make history when he and three friends cross the Atlantic Ocean - in a pedalo.

Hector Turner will be setting off on a 3,000-mile journey across the pond from Gran Canaria to Antigua in January.

L-R: Paddy, Hector, Henry and Max

L-R: Paddy, Hector, Henry and Max

The team will be aiming to raise £200,000 for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, which tackles mental health issues in young men, after their friend took his life.

Hector, from Newton Bromswold, said: “Depression and mental health issues are something that we have seen within our friendship groups growing up.

“All of the team have close friends who have been affected by mental illness and seen the effect it can have on families.

“In a lot of suicide cases, friends and family say they had no idea the sufferer had any problems.

“It is vital that people understand they are not alone and help is available.”

Hector will be taking on the Pedal the Pond challenge with Max Mossman (Leicestershire), Paddy Johnson (Hertfordshire) and Henry Quinlan (Somerset).

They say that if successful, this will be the first time the route has been crossed by pedal power alone and the first time ever that four people have pedalled across an ocean.

The 9m by 2m specially-made pedalo, which is currently being built, will need two people to pedal at a time while the other two rest on continuous two hour shifts.

Battling waves of up to 50ft, it’s estimated the journey will take 40 days and 4.9 million pedal rotations.

Hector said: “Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 35.

“If we can stand up and talk about mental health symptoms in the public sphere, we feel we may be able to encourage other people to do the same and get talking on the subject.

“We hope that interest sparked by Pedal The Pond will lead to more people getting the help they need before it is too late.”

The team have already raised £22,000 for the charity, with sponsorship from Orbitsound, DHL, All About Bricks, Investec Asset Management and James Mossman Ltd.

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