Rushden man fined £75 for not picking up dog mess

A Rushden man has been fined for not clearing up after his dog
A Rushden man has been fined for not clearing up after his dog

A Rushden dog walker has been fined £75 after being caught not picking up after his dog on the Greenway.

East Northamptonshire Council’s dog warden issued a fixed penalty notice when she saw the man leaving behind his German Shepherd’s mess near Crown Way, Rushden.

The man believed that if it wasn’t on a tarmac path then it wasn’t an offence.

Dog warden at East Northamptonshire Council, Carenza Black, said: “Not picking up after your dog has fouled is an offence anywhere in an open space that the public have a right of access to.

“Paths, pavements, parks, roads and verges are all covered by the law and enforcement will take place whenever we have the evidence to support it.”

Carenza, who often patrols the Greenway in Rushden, wants to remind residents that not noticing your dog foul or not having a bag to pick up the mess is no excuse.

And added: “Dog walkers should always have a supply of bags with them, because you just never know when you’ll need one.”

Carenza patrols the district five times a week to enforce the dog control orders in place. So far this year, six dog owners have received fixed penalties for not keeping their dogs on leads.

The waste management team is also busy targeting the environmental criminals in East Northants.

Since January, three people received fixed penalties of £75 each for littering from cars and 10 cases of flytipping are under active investigation.

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For more information on dog fouling and to report an instance, visit Responsible dog owners are invited to join our Green Dog Club.

Find out more at or call 01832 742068.