RSPCA appeals for help to tackle cat crisis

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The RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch is calling on the public’s help to rehome or foster an array of cats and kittens – as they currently have 91 in their care.

The branch is trying to find new owners for the cats as staff are unable to take in any more abandoned felines until they can find new homes for those currently in their care.

The high number of cats and kittens is a result of them being dumped by their owners and or as a result of neglect or cruelty.

But the branch says the problem is two-fold because as more cats and kittens come in to branch care, only a very few have been rehomed recently.

The branch also does not have its own animal centre which means it relies solely on the vital support of volunteer fosterers.

Helen Watt, deputy branch manager, said: “The volunteer fosterers are our unsung heroes and they provide the backbone to our branch and without them we would not be able to work effectively.

“But we have lost a few fosterers recently and are therefore on the campaign to recruit some more – while at the same time find new homes for all the cats in our care.

“Cats as well as dogs and small furry animals are all suffering in the currently hot climate and we are seeing an unprecedented high number of arrivals.

“Unfortunately we have seen more and more owners who are no longer able to afford their pets.

“We have also seen cats left behind as owners are forced to find alternative accommodation themselves.

“The RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch is in dire need of more fosterers and needs more cats rehomed so we can keep taking in new animals and keep the turnover going.”

If you are able to sign up as a fosterer or know someone who might be able to help then please contact the branch.

The branch also runs neutering and micropchipping events across the county in a bid to help prevent future issues and help to promote animal wellbeing and responsible pet ownership.

To find out more about offering a cat or kitten a new home or becoming a fosterer visit or email Alternatively, call 07840 926122