Royal Anglians to march through Kettering in July

The Royal Anglians will march through Kettering in July
The Royal Anglians will march through Kettering in July

Hundreds of soldiers from the Royal Anglian Regiment are to parade through Kettering in July.

Three years ago, Kettering Council bestowed Freedom of the Borough status on the regiment, whose soldiers are mostly recruited in the Midlands, in recognition of the confidence, trust and friendship between the regiment and the borough.

As a result, the regiment is allowed the right to march through the borough – and on July 21 more than 200 soldiers will be doing so.

Kettering Council said it hopes that people will line the route of the march to publicly demonstrate their support for the Royal Anglians in recognition of the difficult tasks they undertake, often with great personal sacrifice.

The Royal Anglians have served several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years.

The march will begin at the London Road car park, continue past Horsemarket into Silver Street, and then continue along Gold Street, High Street and Sheep Street. The regiment will halt in Sheep Street in front of a dais erected on the Market Place for civic dignitaries, where speeches will be given.

The march will then resume along Sheep Street into Bowling Green Road and conclude at the London Road car park.

The mayor will host a reception at the Kettering Conference Centre.

History of the Royal Anglians

The regiment was created in 1964 after the amalgamation of several other infantry regiments.

Since then, units of the Royal Anglians have served in Northern Ireland, Croatia, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The regiment also maintains close relations with the Bermuda regiment.