Row over weekend building work at Kettering flats

The new flats are nearing completion.
The new flats are nearing completion.

Kettering Council is investigating after allegations that the developers behind a new apartment block in the town are disrupting nearby residents by working outside the agreed working hours.

The Construction Method Statement for the site on the corner of Railway View and Lower Street states that no work should take place after 1.30pm on Saturdays and none at all on Sundays.

But Ivan Humphrey, who lives in Railway View, says developer High Street Homes isn’t practising what it preaches.

He said: “Our ear drums were being perforated until well beyond 4pm on Saturday, December 12, by various power tools and plant and machinery, and we were also awoken at 8.10am on Sunday morning by the site’s cherry picker continually beeping during each and every reversal it made within the site.

“Kettering Council approved the developer’s Construction Method Statement, but each and every time they are in breach of it they do nothing about it.

“The construction of the 28 flats is almost complete now, and the 18 months of excessive noise, dust and vibrations that I have had to put up with from dawn until dusk will soon be over.

“However, I have noticed that the electronic bus stop display, the developer’s one and only meagre contribution to the Section 106 agreement, has still not been constructed at the bottom of Lower Street.”

A spokesman for Kettering Council said: “Kettering Council have received a complaint about the working hours over the last weekend (December 12/13) of the developer building the residential development on the corner of Railway View and Lower Street, in Kettering.

“This has been registered as a complaint by the council’s planning service and an officer has been allocated to investigate the matter.

Regarding the bus stop display, the spokesman said: “A Section 106 public transport contribution of £12,000 was paid by the developer earlier this year, which has been received by Northamptonshire County Council which is the highway authority.

“Under the terms of the Section 106 agreement, the county council has a five-year period in which to spend this money and will look to program in delivery of the infrastructure in the 2016/17 financial year.”

Director of High Street Homes Bob Goss said: “This development is on a busy corner of Kettering, and it has occasionally been necessary for us to work out of hours for safety reasons.

“Most of the local residents appreciate that we have a job to do, and that we go out of our way to minimise any disruption, but one particular individual has been very vocal on every occasion that we have fallen short.

“The other residents have kept their own counsel.

“We have always apologised and explained our reasons.”