Roundabout to replace traffic lights in Kettering East plans

The junction of Deeble Road and Warkton Lane
The junction of Deeble Road and Warkton Lane
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Kettering East developers are to put a roundabout at a busy junction, rather than traffic lights, after residents voiced congestion fears.

The Deeble Road/Warkton Lane junction in Kettering will form one of the access points for the planned 5,500-home extension to the town.

However, people living near the junction were surprised last year when the developer, Hallam Land Management, through its agent Peter Brett Associates, lodged plans which included a traffic light-controlled junction.

Residents said they were strongly against traffic lights and called for a roundabout – making their feelings known at a public meeting at the Ise Valley Pavilion attended by about 100 people in July.

In the most recent plans, which are part of an approval of conditions application related to the original scheme, the developer appears to have listened to the concerns of residents and the plans show a roundabout at the junction.

Cllr Lloyd Bunday, who is the Kettering Council ward member for that area, said he was pleased developers had listened to the residents.

He added: “All I can say is that this is democracy in action.

“As I said at the time, there are times when politicians have to realise it is not necessarily what they think is the best solution, it is what their constituents want.

“That said, I did feel at the time, and still do, that a roundabout was the better solution for this particular junction and I can see why the residents argued that way.”

Marilyn Wilson, of Deeble Road, was one of the residents who spoke at the meeting.

While she welcomed the developer’s switch to a roundabout, she said she felt the roundabout should be moved a few yards further east, towards the Kettering East development.

She added: “I think they may be planning to put it where they are saying because it means they can fit a few more houses in.

“Overall, we’re pleased they are putting in a roundabout as opposed to traffic lights, but we just feel it’s a little bit close to the houses on Deeble Road, by just a few yards.”

Speaking last year, a spokesman for Peter Brett Associates said its traffic models showed that traffic lights would control the flow of traffic better during peak times.

However, residents said they feared queues building up at what was already a busy junction.

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