Rogue traders warning in Corby

POLICE are warning residents against rogue traders after an elderly woman with Alzheimers was targeted by a conman.

A man called at the home of the woman in Raleigh Close yesterday and attempted to obtain money for a service that cleans drives, gutters and roofs.

Officers are encouraging people in the area to be vigilant, and are advising residents not to open their doors if they don’t recognise the caller.

Residents are also being advised to check for identification, and if necessary take a contact number for the company and verify if the caller is genuine.

If the caller does enter the house, they shouldn’t be left unattended, and anyone concerned can call 999.

Anyone with suspicions that distraction burglars or rogue doorstep traders are operating in their neighbourhood can call the dedicated doorstep crime team on 0345 2307 702.