Road safety campaign a success, say police

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Northamptonshire Police say their support of a national road safety week has proved to be a success.

The annual campaign, led by road safety organisation Brake, focused on getting road users to slow down, particularly near homes, schools and shops.

Officers worked closely with partner agencies across the county, with tactics including enforcement operations, school visits to talk about road safety and parking patrols near schools.

During the week, parking patrols were conducted at 98 schools across the county, while 40 talks about road safety were given at schools and colleges and leaflets and words of advice were also given.

Dozens of warning letters were sent out, four cars were seized for having no insurance, two seized for not having an MOT, four fixed penalty notices for using a mobile phone were handed out as were a further 21 for not wearing a seatbelts. A number of minor offences were also discovered and one arrest was made for drink driving.