Road restrictions could end soon on busy Corby road

Cllr Stan Heggs in Geddington Road, Corby
Cllr Stan Heggs in Geddington Road, Corby

A deal could be signed soon on repairs to a weak bridge which has meant road restrictions on a busy Corby road for more than two years.

In January 2011 a weight limit of three tonnes was imposed on vehicles going over the railway bridge in Geddington Road.

The move was made by Northamptonshire County Council after a structural survey by bridge owner Tata Steel raised concerns about its load-bearing capacity.

Cllr Michael Clarke, Northamptonshire County Council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: “Finding a resolution to repair the Geddington Road bridge in Corby is in the interests of everyone.

“The county council is in discussions with Tata Steel to resolve the problem and we have explored a number of options including the possibility of a cost-sharing deal.

“Talks are progressing well and we are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to reach an agreement.

“If a deal is reached we would hope to start work early in the next financial year, 2014/2015.”

Repairs are expected to cost in the region of £1m.

Corby councillors Ray Lilley and Stan Heggs and town MP Andy Sawford have campaigned for the repairs to be carried out.

Cllr Lilley said, “I am extremely excited by this news. The constraints on the weak bridge scratch people’s cars, damage business in the area and lead to traffic congestion. We have campaigned on this for such a long time and we are finally seeing it pay off.”

Cllr Heggs added: “I raised the question again because of the severe impact that the problems with the bridge are having on local people. Cllr Clarke has really pulled out the stops to get this sorted and his efforts should be commended.”

Due to drivers ignoring the weight restriction order, concrete chicanes were installed to prevent HGVs going over the bridge. Numerous lorries ended up stuck between the concrete blocks and businesses in the area complained the restriction caused disruption and hit trade.

Earlier in the year Mr Sawford contacted the county council calling for action to end the restrictions.