Richard’s magnets are attracting heroes cash

Richard Burton
Richard Burton

Fundraiser Richard Burton – who has raised £260,000 for leukaemia charities – is selling a new range of military theme fridge magnets and keyrings to help raise cash for Help for Heroes.

The 83-year-old, of Sywell, has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds by selling Golly badges and memorabilia. He chose leukaemia charities as he lost his 14-year-old granddaughter Sara to leukaemia in 1996.

Mr Burton now hopes to raise cash for the military charity Help for Heroes by selling a range of key rings and fridge magnets.

The items include images of the Vulcan and Spitfire, as well as the logos of the Northamptonshire Regiment and the Royal Anglian Regiment.

Mr Burton’s latest products have featured in the magazine Britain At War and he has sold and sent off items to countries including Australia and Canada.

He said: “They are lovely items for the person who served in a particular regiment.

“I did my national service just after the war, I served in Kenya for 18 months.”

Mr Burton has already raised and sent off £1,000 to Help For Heroes. He is now approaching raising his second £1,000.

He said: “They have been so popular. It appeals to the people who have got friends and relatives in the present day armed forces, and to the tens of thousands that have served in the armed forces or did their national service.

“It appeals to such a huge amount of people.

“In every family somebody knows somebody who has served in the armed forces, whether present or past.”

Mr Burton sells the keyrings and fridge magnets for £2.50 each, of which £1.50 goes to Help for Heroes.

He can have the logo of any specific unit or regiment put onto a keyring or fridge magnet at no extra cost.

Mr Burton is still continuing with his Golly badges and is currently selling an Only Fools and Horses range.

For more information on the military keyrings and fridge magnets and to make an order call Mr Burton on 01604 499904 or write to PO Box 507, Sywell, Northants, NN6 0WR.