Residents urged to vote on station parking plan

Wellingborough Train Station
Wellingborough Train Station

People who live near a train station will be urged to have their say on plans to extend a residents parking scheme, or risk further congestion.

Wellingborough Council has agreed to consult with people living in the streets near to the town’s train station on whether they want a parking scheme which prevents commuters parking in their streets to be extended.

A permit scheme was introduced in 2011 on a number of streets following complaints from residents that they were unable to find spaces near their homes as commuters were parking in the streets to avoid paying to use the train station’s car park. The permits cost £25 a year.

The council will now consult on extending the scheme to include more streets and prevent congestion in areas including Knox Road, Mill Road and Midland Road.

The council’s development committee agreed at a meeting on Tuesday, February 5, that at least 50 per cent of the people living in a polled street must agree that it should join the parking scheme for it to be introduced in that road.

Members were told that the scheme would cost a total of £24,000. £10,000 of which would be spent on new signs, £7,000 would be spent carrying out the residents survey and a further £7,000 would be needed to pay legal costs associated with the scheme being extended.

They urged residents not to miss their opportunity to vote on the scheme, following a poor response to previous surveys.

Cllr Jim Bass said: “People who live near the station are traumatised by the parking. It really is a big problem.

“If people don’t vote on this then they won’t have their say.

“If you live there you have ownership of the problem, if you don’t vote then you lose that.”

Cllr Paul Bell, leader of the council, said: “I think it’s clear that this is needed for the residents in that area. Knox Road is one of the roads which needs this, and Senwick Drive.

“If nothing else, we should be sending PCSOs and traffic wardens down there. Some people park there on a Monday and don’t come back for days.”

Cllr Tim Allebone said: “The car park charges have now gone up, from £8.50 to £9 during peak time and from £4 to £4.50 during off-peak times.”