Residents unhappy with skatepark being built near their houses in Rothwell

Residents are unhappy with a new skatepark being built near to their homes.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 28th October 2016, 5:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:02 pm
Work has already started on the new skatepark
Work has already started on the new skatepark

A number of people have contacted the Northants Telegraph about the new skatepark being built in Rothwell.

They feel they have not been consulted about the plans and are also upset about a tree planted in recognition of the town’s twinning with Droue, which was taken out to allow the building work to go ahead.

One resident said she has not seen any drawings or plans given to the residents living nearby, despite being told a leaflet carrying details about it was delivered in December.

So the residents have contacted members of Rothwell Town Council, Kettering Council and Kettering MP Philip Hollobone with their concerns.

A petition against the park has been started, and advice has been sought from Citizens Advice to see if they can appeal the decision to build the skatepark.

They also plan to take the matter to the Local Government Ombudsmen over how the matter has been handled.

The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “People are so upset and I really hope we can stop this controversial park as soon as possible.”

However, work has already started on the skatepark and minutes from a meeting of Rothwell Town Council in September stated that once completed, the skateboard ramp should be good for 20 years.

They also said the tree had been removed because of the roots.

An email from Kettering Council to the town council confirmed that the cedar tree had to be taken out to allow for the new skateboard facility, but they did not know of its local importance.

They added that they would be happy to supply another tree if it was wanted, but the town council agreed to take no action at the present time.

The Northants Telegraph contacted Kettering Council for a comment on the skatepark, and a spokesman said: “This is a long standing scheme which has been fully supported by Rothwell Town Council and by the vast majority of the consultees who responded when the scheme was being designed.”

A spokesman for Rothwell Town Council said all the information will be discussed at its next meeting because any response has to be agreed by the full council.

Mr Hollobone said: “I have received a complaint from one resident about the plans for a skate facility in Rothwell, which I have forwarded to Kettering Borough Council so that a full response can be obtained.

“MPs don’t have the power to make decisions over local leisure facilities such as this, so it is very much a matter for Kettering Borough Council in conjunction with Rothwell Town Council.”