Residents told of action to combat flooding in Corby

Flooding in Gainsborough Road last December
Flooding in Gainsborough Road last December

Residents who have endured the misery of flooding near their Corby homes have been told about action to combat the problem.

At a public meeting on Monday (September 29) they were also urged to play their part in preventing Gainsborough Road flooding after heavy rainfall.

An appeal was made for people in the area to sign up to become flood wardens, who would look out for problems such as a build up of debris at the watercourse next to Gainsborough Road.

A section of the road near its junction with Blake road was flooded for two weeks in December last year, causing disruption through road closures and residents being unable to leave or access their properties.

Following a public meeting in February, an investigation was carried out into the cause of the flooding and it has revealed that the problem is the result of the significant volume of debris entering the watercourse.

To resolve the issue Corby Council has been carrying out twice-weekly inspections and there are plans to replace some of the trash screens to reduce the risk of blockages.

Attending the meeting were representatives from Corby Council, the county council, Anglian Water, the Environment Agency and MP Andy Sawford’s office and Corby councillors John McGhee, who chaired the meeting, and Elise Elliston.

Cllr McGhee said: “We have achieved a great deal in a short time and the action taken so far seems to be working. All the partners are working together to address this issue. It is a matter the whole community needs to be involved in.”

Anyone interested in becoming a flood warden can email