Residents put out traffic cones in parking battle

Elaine Shears puts out cones in front of her garage
Elaine Shears puts out cones in front of her garage

People living near a Wellingborough school have been given cones to put outside their properties to stop inconsiderate parking that regularly blocks the streets.

Residents of Churchill Avenue and Blaydon Walk, near Redwell School, have been given two cones each to put out daily to protect access to and from their properties.

The cones should also help the emergency services, and make the area safer for pedestrians.

Wellingborough Council worked with the police to find a solution after complaints were received about the parking problems near the school.

Cllr Malcolm Waters, a borough and county councillor, agreed to buy 70 traffic cones out of his county council empowerment fund and they have been given to affected residents.

Cllr Waters said: “There have been so many problems caused by inconsiderate parking at school drop-off and collection times.

“Parents block residents’ driveways, park on junctions, park on the pavements and cover dropped kerbs.

“It’s not only a huge problem for the people that live in these streets, but also for people walking with buggies or using mobility scooters, and there’s a real risk that emergency services would be hindered as well.

“The police have worked tirelessly to address this, by being present near the school and issuing fines and warnings, but once they move on the problem comes back.

“Residents have been given the cones. It will only take them a minute every morning and afternoon to put them out, and it should make a real difference.”

The school has told parents about the scheme.