Residents invited to spruce up villages

Residents picking up litter in East Carlton last year
Residents picking up litter in East Carlton last year

Villagers in Cottingham, Middleton, Rockingham and East Carlton are invited to take part in litter-picking session later this month.

During three days of rural action being organised by Corby Council from February 26 until February 28, a number of initiatives will take place, including traffic speed checks and dog fouling patrols.

Benches will be painted, pupils from Cottingham Primary School will be taking part in various projects and there will also be a litter-picking session.

Borough councillor Bob Riley said: “I will be putting on my overalls again and joining the voluntary litter pick session.

“The last one I was involved with managed to get us about 20 bin bags of rubbish, most of which was hiding under hedges and in ditches.

“I know it’s not the most glamorous way of getting fit but it is great fun and I hope people will join in.”

Villagers are also invited to point out areas they would like to see cleaned up.

For more information contact Cllr Riley on 01536 771881.