Residents frustrated by parking

RESIDENTS who have been waiting eight years for parking zones have criticised the police for ignoring inconsiderate drivers.

People living in Windermere Road, Coniston Road and Ullswater Road in Kettering, in which Kettering Council has said it will introduce residents’ parking, say their complaints to police fall on deaf ears.

Tracey Churchill, 45, of Coniston Road, who has called the police and council about cars parked near junctions and on pavements many times over the past year but has seen no action, said: “Every resident is getting frustrated.

“As far as we are concerned we have been let down.”

Officers visited the area yesterday, but refused to take action because they said the cars were not causing an obstruction.

Mrs Churchill said: “To be honest it seems to be one law for one and one law for another.”

Roy Franklin, of Windermere Road, said: “They park anywhere they like.

“By and large people are suffering.”

Despite facing having to buy £45-a-year permits to park on the street, most residents were delighted when Kettering Council announced it was introducing residents’ parking zones in the area in November.

But five months later no zones have been introduced and the council confirmed no date has been set.

Mrs Churchill said: “Kettering Council said we were getting it in April. But the county council say they haven’t even looked at the application and we have been told now it’s going to be at least three to four months.”

Nearby roads Bowhill, Derwent Crescent, Ennerdale Road, Grasmere Road and Northampton Road will not be included in the zone after less than 60 per cent of residents who responded to a door-to-door survey backed the scheme.

Zones have already been introduced in nearby Haweswater Road and Buttermere Close and yellow lines painted in parts of Gipsy Lane.

Residents blamed the inconsiderate parking on hospital staff trying to avoid charges of up to £16 a month in their car park.

The police said it was illegal to park within 10 metres of a junction or on a pavement if it is dangerous. Residents claim the parked cars obstruct the views of drivers at junctions.

A police spokesman said: “We regularly carry out patrols to monitor parking in residential areas and where illegal parking is identified action will be taken.”