Residents complain about police handling of illegal rave

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Weldon residents have complained about police handling of an illegal rave which happened during the early hours of Sunday morning (June 23).

Police made seven arrests after the rave on a site in a wooded area between the village and Oundle.

Jim Connellan, who lives in Weldon, said: “The disturbance to the local residential area around Woodlands Road was worsened by the action of the police.

“They blocked off Oundle Road at Weldon football pitch, preventing any cars from going through. This caused all the cars to park in and around the street on grass verges of the houses, which of course meant that there was litter and other substances left behind.

“Why they blocked off the road, I have no idea, as they still allowed people to walk up to wherever the rave was being held.

“From the point of view of someone that lives in the area, it was poorly handled.”

Officers carried out a risk assessment after the rave was reported during the early hours of Sunday.

Police seized a number of vehicles and several fixed-penalty tickets were issued for parking offences.

As a result of the operation seven people were arrested, three of them event organisers, five in connection with public order offences, one on suspicion of driving while under the influence of drugs and one for obstructing police.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman said equipment and drugs were also seized from the scene.

Det Supt Tom Davies said: “I appreciate there will have been some disruption to villagers in Weldon as a result of the police operation at the weekend.

“It was important that we acted swiftly in putting on the road blocks as soon as we became aware of the scale of the event off the Oundle Road.

“Had we not done so, thousands more people would have accessed the site, the event would have gone on beyond Sunday afternoon and the disruption in the Weldon area would have been even greater. We took very positive action,”