Residents can have their say on Corby taxis

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Corby Council is inviting people to give their views on the town’s taxi firms, including how cab drivers dress.

Revised regulations have been drawn up covering how cab firms operate, the condition of vehicles and drivers’ dress code.

A spokesman for the council said: “A review of the current policies and conditions associated with hackney carriages carried out has highlighted areas for improvement. We would appreciate feedback in relation to both the proposed enforcement policy, dress code and the updated policies and conditions.”

The dress code states drivers can wear T-shirts but shoulders must be covered and shorts should be tailored.

Ripped clothing, words or graphics on clothing which is offensive or suggestive, sports shirts, including football and rugby tops, track suits and flip-flops are not acceptable. Women drivers should not wear short skirts.

The council says taxi drivers can create a lasting impression on visitors to the town and that the dress code is good for business and good for Corby’s image.

As the licensing authority, the borough council works with cab firms to help them meet their legal duties and obligations, as well as monitoring to ensure companies comply with the law.

It operates a penalty point system for owners and operators who fail to meet requirements which remain live for 12 months.

If an operator or owner accumulates 12 or more points within a year the matter is taken up by a council panel.

The policies, a copy of the dress code and a consultation form is available at Paper copies can be obtained by calling 01536 463187 or emailing

Consultation forms must be returned to the council by Friday, June 21.

They can be posted to Licensing, Environmental Services, Deene House, New Post Office Square, Corby, NN17 1GD, handed in to the One Stop Shop, or emailed to