Residents call for action to finish road on new Wellingborough development

The ribbon cutting for Prescod Close in Wellingborough last year
The ribbon cutting for Prescod Close in Wellingborough last year

Two authorities are working together to try and find a way to get the necessary works for a road in Wellingborough completed.

Prescod Close in Wellingborough is part of a 13-house development by Mayfair Holdings Ltd.

The road was named after the late Cllr Michael Prescod, who served Wellingborough’s Castle ward from 1995.

He was also Wellingborough mayor in 1998, worked tirelessly to promote and advocate a richer quality of life for the ethnic minority communities in the town and was instrumental in the creation of the Wellingborough African and Caribbean Community Centre.

But residents who are living in the street named after him say the road is in a terrible state and they are calling for the work to be finished.

They have started a Facebook page, which can be found by searching for F.O.R. Prescod Finish Our Road, and it says: “We are desperately trying to get our road finished.

“We are being pushed from pillar to post without any answers.”

They feel the road has been left in a terrible state and added: “It is also a total eyesore to residents and anybody passing on Irthlingborough Road.

“One of the worst things is that the close was named after Wellingborough’s first black mayor Cllr Prescod.

“This paper did run the story which was amazing.

“But the nightmare we are now living with is utterly disgusting.

“We need as much support as possible to get this resolved.

“Let’s unite as a community and make this happen.”

In response to their concerns, a spokesman for Wellingborough Council said: “We are aware that works to the highway are yet to be completed to an adoptable standard, despite occupation of the dwellings in Prescod Close.

“These works are negotiated and agreed between the developer and Northamptonshire County Council, as the highway authority under Section 38 of the Highways Act 1980.

“I can confirm that the borough council and Northamptonshire County Council are working together to ensure a positive result for residents of the close.

“The borough council has taken legal advice regarding the current situation and is in the process of collecting evidence to support enforcement action.

“Going forward, we have agreed to provide regular updates to the representatives of the residents of Prescod Close.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “We are aware of residents’ concerns regarding the site access and we are working with the developer and the borough council of Wellingborough on the matter.

“The road remains substantially incomplete and none of the agreements have been secured that would need to be in place for the county council to adopt it.”

The Northants Telegraph has tried to contact Mayfair Holdings Ltd for a comment but has yet to hear back.