Resident is told to roll his rocks

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A frustrated resident who took parking problems outside house into his own hands has been ordered to remove rocks he placed on verges.

Tony Keech, 72, of Park Road, Burton Latimer, got so annoyed with motorists going to Meadowside Primary School and leaving their cars on the grass verge that he placed large stones to deter them.

The rocks worked like a charm for seven months but he has now been told to remove them by Northamptonshire County Council.

Mr Keech, who has lived in the town for almost a year, said: “After about a month of living here we had serious problems at the front of the house.

“Moving opposite a school, we expected to get a bit of mayhem at 9am and 4pm but we didn’t expect this much.”

Mr Keech said school staff often park outside his house all day and the extra traffic sometimes means buses get stuck.

He added that, although many motorists are considerate when he asks them to move, some are aggressive and one even resorted to posting an explicit note on his car.

He said: “I decided to get some large rocks and put them on the grass verge and it immediately stopped.

“Most of the verges along this road are absolutely torn up, it’s like a lunar landscape, but mine is perfect because of the rocks.

“I’m disappointed because I’ve had a letter from the council saying someone has reported the rocks and that I have to remove them – they haven’t suggested an alternative.”

Mr Keech says he will instead put up a bollard and written notice asking motorists to park elsewhere.

The Evening Telegraph contacted the school but nobody was available to comment yesterday afternoon.

In response to a letter written to the council, a member of the council’s highway regulations said she could appreciate why Mr Keech had taken the actions.

But she said if an accident happened involving the stones the county council would become liable because it took no action to remove them.

She added the placing of such stones by members of the public had become an increasing problem in the county.

She called on Mr Keech to remove the stones.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “While it may be regarded as being unsightly, it is not illegal to park on a grass verge unless it is causing an obstruction.

“However putting rocks on the verge is regarded as an offence under the Highways Act.

“The county council’s role is to enforce this national legislation and once the obstruction is brought to our attention, then we are required to act.”