Resident frustrated by Rushden street pitted with potholes

Just some of the potholes in St Margaret's Avenue, Rushden
Just some of the potholes in St Margaret's Avenue, Rushden

A resident is calling for action to repair the potholes which blight the road outside her home.

The Northants Telegraph was contacted by a resident who is desperate to see improvements to St Margarets Avenue in Rushden.

St Margaret's Avenue in Rushden

St Margaret's Avenue in Rushden

She has been trying to get the road repaired since the start of the year, including reporting the potholes to Street Doctor and regularly calling the county council about the issue.

The frustrated resident, who uses this road about eight times a day, told the Northants Telegraph: “The road is absolutely disgusting.

“I have rung up a number of times but they still haven’t done anything.”

She sent us countless pictures of the road, which show lots of potholes and highlights where repairs are needed.

In response to her concerns about the state of the road, a spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “St Margarets Avenue is subject to ongoing safety inspections and is being monitored by the Highways maintenance team.

“Our priority is to keep the network safe for all road and footway users, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike, and in practice this is achieved through our systems of regular inspections, as well as investigating reports from members of the public.

“Unfortunately not all defects will be classed as safety defects since they will not be of sufficient severity to warrant action immediately, this doesn’t mean that there are no defects present.

“For potholes on local access roads, our intervention levels start at a depth of 50mm/250mm wide.”

Potholes can be reported to the county council via the Street Doctor page on its website.

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