Repairs planned for Wellingborough’s Hind Hotel

The Hind Hotel
The Hind Hotel

Work could start on the Hind Hotel later this year as part of a Heritage Lottery funded project designed to restore and promote the history of Wellingborough.

Wellingborough Council was awarded more than £1.4m last year from the Heritage Lottery Fund to protect and enhance the town’s heritage and history.

The cash will be supplemented with £707,000 of council funds and £757,000 from property owners, meaning a total of £2.89m will be available to invest in the borough.

At least £115,000 of the lottery cash has been earmarked for the hotel, with the owners expected to pay 30 per cent.

A number of repairs are needed, both inside and outside the venue in Silver Street.

After talks between the Hind’s owners and council officials stalled, the local authority’s development committee agreed to grant the authority for a repairs order to be issued, which disappointed the owners of the hotel.

But following more talks between council officials and the hotel owners, the council has agreed to hold off issuing the notice.

Heritage project manager John Udall said: “There was a meeting between the owners of the Hind, the chairman of the development committee and council officers.

“The meeting was very successful and a lot of progress was made. During that meeting it was agreed that the service or repairs notice should be held back until necessary.

“Currently we are on target and the owners are on course and making good progress.”

Shasha Khan, the owner’s son and the hotel operations director, said: “We had a really fruitful meeting.

“We have been talking to them about timetables and when we think the work could be carried out.

“I think everybody in that room wanted to spend money on the hotel, it was just how we got to spend the money and the fine tuning.

“It helped that we all had a meeting. Sometimes it’s looked like we are absent landlords, but we are not. I won’t be critical about the council, we just needed to have a meeting.

“We hope that work will be able to start this year.”

Small grants of up to £2,000 will also be available to local businesses as part of the heritage scheme.

Businesses can also apply for cash to revamp their shop fronts. Five awards of £500 will be available for Moulton College students studying carpentry and stone masonry.

Mr Udall said: “The shop front scheme has been quite successful so far. One property has submitted a planning application. The small grants scheme has been the most successful as we have approved the first grant of £370.”