Repairs carried out at Wellingborough hotel, but more work needed

The Hind Hotel in Sheep Street, Wellingborough
The Hind Hotel in Sheep Street, Wellingborough

Councillors will be asked to continue working with the owners of a hotel to ensure essential works on the historic building are completed.

Wellingborough’s Hind Hotel has been deteriorating over the past 15 years, with complaints received regularly from members of the public and Wellingborough Civic Society regarding its decline.

As a Grade II* listed building, the council has an obligation to intervene if a building is not being adequately maintained and repaired to safeguard the future of the property.

An update on the current position with the town centre hotel will be discussed at a meeting of Wellingborough Council’s development committee next week.

A report prepared for councillors states: “Following receipt of the quantity surveyor’s report identifying the cost of carrying out essential repairs/refurbishment of the building and an open market valuation of the Hind Hotel, a letter warning of the intended service of a Section 215 Notice has been issued.

“This has resulted in the operator of the hotel, the Hind Wellingborough Ltd (HWL), carrying out some emergency repairs mainly to stop the roof leaking and clearing out/fixing defective gutters.

“Of greater note is that the Courts have agreed to the sale of the property to the HWL and the sale should have completed by the date of this committee.

“Whilst the sale of the Hind Hotel is welcomed and to date the new owner has indicated a willingness to work with the council to prepare an application for THI grant funding to carry out the repair and refurbishment of this historic building, it would be prudent to formalise these arrangements.”

The meeting starts at 7pm on Monday (September 11) at Swanspool House in Wellingborough, where committee members will be asked to resolve to:

- Authorise officers to negotiate and agree a schedule of works with the Hind Wellingborough Ltd and to identify and agree a timeframe for implementing the essential works to the Hind Hotel

- Authorise officers to work with the Hind Wellingborough Ltd to prepare and submit an application for the THI funding for the essential works

- To continue to prepare the appropriate enforcement notices should the Hind Wellingborough Ltd fail to submit an application for THI funding and/or carry out the essential works within the agreed timeframe