Refugee help needed from Corby

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Kind-hearted Corby folk are being called on to help send aid to refugees today.

The Corby Stands With Refugees mvovement is holding another collection of aid for the Refugees in Calais between 6pm and 7pm in Morrison’s Car Park in Oakley Road.

Jungle Care - an organisation based in Rushden - are going to Calais nest week and will take the aid then.

Their silver van will be parked up near the cashpoint machines.

Anything that is not urgently needed for the Calais Camp at the moment gets recycled by the Jungle Care team to other convoys or local homeless and domestic abuse facilities. Nothing is wasted.

Paula Boulton from Corby Stands With refugees said “The people of Corby have responded to all our appeals with customary generosity. The situation in Calais is deteriorating with 7500 refugees including unaccompanied Children trying to cram into the space where previously 5000 lived.

“There are threats that it may be bulldozed all together. With so much happening politically the issue has disappeared from the public eye again. Hopefully the refugee team appearing in the Olympics will raise the issue again. However - the need remains - Food, water, clothes and medication is required.”

Items that are needed are:






Stock cubes


Tinned fish


Kidney beans

Tinned veg

Long life full fat milk

No baked beans, pasta or pork products are required