Reassurance to patients concerned about changes to Kettering Hospital’s stroke unit

Kettering General Hospital
Kettering General Hospital

Health bosses have offered reassurance to patients concerned about changes to the stroke unit at Kettering General Hospital.

A number of people contacted the Northants Telegraph with concerns about a loss of beds at the unit which provides care and therapy for stroke patients.

However, a statement released by the hospital says the changes to the stroke unit are part of internal reorganisation work to help deal with an increasing level of demand on hospital services, particularly with emergency care.

It is hoped the changes will not only maintain the current service to stroke patients but also allow the trust to strengthen its medical and surgical capacity by providing more medical beds.

Kettering General Hospital’s chief executive David Sissling said: “The trust is currently working on some internal reorganisation involving a limited number of services and wards.

“The intention is to create arrangements which will allow the trust to meet an increasing level of demand while maintaining the quality of service delivery.

“This is extremely important work as the hospital is under significant emergency care pressure and there is an identified need for more medical beds.

“The reorganization will mean the trust has more medical beds.

“The proposal to move the stroke unit is one part of this plan and we recognize it has caused some concern and would like to clarify the situation.

“The transfer of stroke services to another ward is essentially a geographical move to a new location within the hospital only.

“All of the unit’s staff and special equipment, including equipment paid for by fundraising, will accompany the move and the number of stroke and therapy beds in use will remain essentially the same.

“We also plan to provide an improved therapy area in the new location.

“The working arrangements for the specialized stroke unit will remain as they are so the unit will continue to provide the high quality care to patients who come to Kettering General Hospital for their ongoing stroke care.

“The move itself will enable the trust to concentrate surgical bed capacity in the vicinity of the Treatment Centre to help prevent operations being cancelled because of a lack of bed capacity and improve overall efficiency.

“Hence overall the aim is therefore to strengthen our medical and surgical capacity and ensure that the stroke unit continues to deliver the excellent care that it currently provides.

“We are currently developing more detailed proposals and will discuss these with our stroke team before implementation.”