Readers help buy special mattress for disabled girl

Ebony-Jay Thurland with her buggy bought for her by Newlife
Ebony-Jay Thurland with her buggy bought for her by Newlife

Another child has been helped thanks to the generosity of Telegraph readers.

Following donations of more than £100 for the Newlife Foundation for disabled children, Lillian has been able to buy a special mattress to help her sleep better.

Lillian suffers from chronic juvenile arthritis and inflammation of the eyeballs. She is in acute pain and takes regular medication. She also has long-term damage to her back and hips and has to take steroids.

Lillian, which is not her real name, applied to the newlife foundation for money to buy a supportive mattress to give her inflammed joints better postural support.

Over the past two years, Telegraph readers have raised more than £5,000 for the charity and as well as helping Lillian, six other children in the county have benefitted from readers’ generous donations.

The Telegraph’s campaign started with an appeal to help Corey Haseley, of Wellingborough, who needed a powered wheelchair. Since then the family of Ebony-Jay Thurland, of Burton Latimer, has been given help to buy a lightweight buggy to help her get out and about.

Ebony-Jay has Noonan’s Syndrome which has affected her growth. Her family had been using a standard buggy to take her out but she had got to a point where she needed a lightweight one. Speaking at the time, her mum Debbie said: “It opens up the world to her. It’s been pretty life-changing for Ebony.

“We take the dog out for a walk now – before some days she couldn’t, others she could, whereas now I take her in the buggy and off we go.”

Four other youngsters, three from Northampton and one fron Towcester, have also been helped by the charity.

Newlife provides essential equipment such as special beds, wheelchairs, communication aids, specialist seating, sensory and therapy equipment to disabled and terminally ill children across the UK.

The charity is appealing for £16,283 to help four children in the county. Go to for more details.