Raunds Skate Park closed until damaged ramp can be repaired

Damage to one of the ramps at Raunds Skate Park
Damage to one of the ramps at Raunds Skate Park

A skate park has been closed until further notice after one of its ramps was damaged.

Raunds Skate Park will be closed until repairs can be carried out on the ramp which has been damaged, although it is not yet known how it happened.

A spokesman for Raunds Town Council said: “Following damage to the skate park, Raunds Town Council is appealing for any witnesses who may be aware of when or how the damage occurred.”

The town council is also working with Northamptonshire Police and East Northamptonshire Council after the defibrillator opposite Lloyds pharmacy in Raunds was damaged and left hanging upside down on the wall on Friday night.

The sign giving instructions as to how to use the defibrillator was also ripped off.

Anyone with information can call the police on 101.