Raunds shop knife robbers jailed

Mason Harris and Charlie Hutt
Mason Harris and Charlie Hutt

Two men who threatened to stab members of shop staff with kitchen knives during a terrifying robbery at a Raunds shop have been sent to prison.

Mason Harris, 22, formerly of Dryden Road, Wellingborough, and Charlie Hutt, 20, of Mendip Road, Northampton, appeared at Northampton Crown Court last Friday.

Harris was jailed for five years and Hutt was locked up for three years and nine months for robbery.

The court was told the pair targeted Spar, in High Street, Raunds, in December 2012, shortly before the shop was due to close at night.

The robbers were caught on CCTV visiting the shop earlier that evening when they did not purchase anything, which was said in court to be a scouting trip to plan their robbery.

Hours later, the duo, who had changed their tops and covered their faces with balaclavas, burst into the shop, jumped over the till, threatening a young female member of staff with a 10-inch kitchen knife and told her she would be stabbed if she did not co-operate.

The shop manager, who had been in a back room, came out and was similarly threatened by Harris.

The pair made off with cash, cigarettes and vodka worth about £650.

Judge Michael Fowler was told both shop staff had been “terrified” during the incident and the effects of the robbery were still with them.

Addressing Harris, Judge Fowler said: “I have been handed references by people who speak highly of you and talking of the face you have shown to them.

“Having looked at the CCTV it does not chime comfortably. You have let yourself and them down.”

Harris’s sentence was lengthened because he also pleaded guilty to two charges of affray in a nightclub in Northampton.