Raunds school’s careers week teaches pupils to aim high in world of work

Pupils at Windmill School in Raunds enjoyed a careers week
Pupils at Windmill School in Raunds enjoyed a careers week

Children between the ages of seven and 11 have been learning about the world of work at a primary school’s first ever careers week event.

More than 150 pupils at Windmill Primary School, Raunds were giving a taste of life after school at the event for key stage two students.

Organised by Deputy Headteacher Matt Coleman, Windmill Primary welcomed 27 speakers from a range of professions who delivered presentations, engaged the children with quizzes, demonstrated their work and led discussions.

Pupils came face-to-face with engineers, medics, driving instructors, musicians and even a comedy writer who shared their top tips in how to succeed in their chosen disciplines.

Mr Coleman said: “Most primary schools go for a careers day, not us, we went for a whole week of careers-based learning.

“We believe this is the first event on this scale to take place in a primary school setting and are very excited to be pioneering the idea.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to the idea and by the generosity of so many people who signed up to come and speak to the children. There were multiple speakers coming into Windmill every day which was phenomenal.

“They talked about what they do in their job, how they got there and the key values that have underpinned their success.

“The feedback has been amazing and the children are buzzing, parents are so complimentary and staff are astounded by how much the children are getting from the talks.

“Our key message is very much linked to the application of skills in the world of work and our visitors really have helped bring our children’s learning to life.”

He added: “One of our key curriculum drivers is possibilities and we believe that this careers week has helped develop our pupils’ aspirations.

“We are hoping it will broaden their horizons to the opportunities for future employment that are out there for them.”

Industries represented at the week included aeronautics, armed forces, the care industry, driver training, retail, electrical safety, engineering, events, fundraising, horse racing, insurance, mechanics, the medical profession, the literary world through a local author and a comedy writer.

There were also visits from a publisher, musician, a school owner, forklift truck driver, safety apprentices, 
mechanics, an IT company, sport and the Standards Agency.