Raunds residents asked for views on future of green space

The green space south of Meadow Lane to Hogs Dyke in Raunds
The green space south of Meadow Lane to Hogs Dyke in Raunds

People are being asked for their views on what to do with a piece of green space which could be protected or put forward for future development.

Raunds Town Council is preparing its Neighbourhood Plan, a tool which gives communities power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area.

A consultation was carried out on the plan last year, with many people responding and giving their views.

However, the town council is asking for further comments on a particular piece of green space to the south of Meadow Lane to Hogs Dyke in Raunds.

A statement on the town council website states: “The town council undertook a consultation exercise on the Neighbourhood Plan in December 2015.

“We received many responses and your comments have been reviewed and changed accordingly.

“However we would still like to get a more detailed understanding of local peoples’ views on one particular area.

“This is the area of land lying south of Meadow Lane to Hogs Dyke.

“The town council want to make sure the Neighbourhood Plan fully represents the views of local residents.

“In the Neighbourhood Plan the area outlined in red has been designated as local green space.

“However the developers of Warth Park have suggested that part of the land could be used to extend Warth Park.

“The town council needs your views.

“Should the land be left as green space or is an extension to Warth Park, and the possibility of future local employment, the right primary use for this land?”

Anyone who wants to comment can complete the survey on the council website by visiting www.raunds-tc.gov.uk by June 30.